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Katey showing Amigo, 4 years old at Pebble Beach.

Eva King and Final….lesson Feb/2010

Mark Jasmann & Blackie

April 07, 2010 — Mark Jasmann works with Blackie on softness and balance through the whole horse. When Blackie tries to initiate a transition with his front feet, thereby raising his head and neck, Mark goes up with his outside hand so that the pressure stays. But rather than being pulled down, the horse has a chance to find his own way out of pressure. When he prepares to drop his head, Mark releases.

Training day at Ellen’s!

Susan Treabess and her husband Scott were here for the Christmas New years holiday with Moneypenny and Verite…they are preparing for the CPCDI at Del Mar in March..qualifier for the WEG Para …here is their Para test prep on Saturday the lst of Jan