Western Dressage

Ellen has been teaching riders, both English and Western all over the country  for more than 30 years.   She holds a Silver and Gold medal from the United States Dressage Federation for excellence at dressage through the highest level, Grand Prix.     

These skills  and knowledge combined with her 27 years of mentorship with Tom Dorrance have given her an incredibly well rounded education and experience.  Ellen recognizes the crucial role that good horsemanship plays; from the first ride, right through to the top levels of any discipline.   She believes in the  intrinsic willingness of the  horse and the desire of riders to form a strong bond with their horses and to do the very best they can by them.  She also knows that feel can be taught, and is central to her training and lesson program.

The recognition of Western Dressage by the USDF is a very exciting development.  Ellen is available for clinics and lessons for those interested in this new and exciting event.